Our Mission For Aotearoa

To ensure everyone in New Zealand understands how to take care of their mind and their body.

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The story of our founder

Kia ora I’m Ella! Over the past year, I have been creating well-being and mindfulness workshops and courses to support people to care for their holistic well-being.

When I was 17 I suffered a significant loss in my family due to suicide. I believe people need to have a toolbox of skills to help them with the challenges life will throw at them. Over the past three years, I have been developing my own toolbox of strategies and skills which I wish my brother and myself had when I was 17. Nobody should go through what I went through without the ability to manage stress, their emotions, sadness and anger.

Our Hauora is founded upon building resilience and confidence. With the fast pace of life, technology and our overstimulated nervous systems, my mission is to support people to develop their own unique toolbox of skills to deal with stress, overthinking and being in fight/flight mode... so that we can be present (right here, right now), have more fun and enjoy the little things in life.

Why we do it

Imagine if every child in New Zealand, grew up learning how to regulate their emotions, quiet their thoughts, learn how to understand more about themselves and their bodies, and NZ had the lowest rate of youth suicide rates in the world. Our Hauora is a programme designed to ensure that no child needs to grow up questioning their purpose and how to take care of themselves. 

Initially focused on children, in the past year I have seen incredible progress working with adults in this beautiful busy world. Adults are more present, aware of their thought patterns and implementing rituals to take care of their mind, body and soul each day.

The Present Moment Can Change Your Life

What we do

Hauora Heroes

A mindful learning programme designed to develop resilience and self-regulation through fun and stimulating activities for tamariki ages 7-12 years. We offer a school holiday programme (one week) and one-off days.

Adult Well-Being

We have some workshops and programmes to support individuals and groups of people. We're always go, go, go! It's so important for us all to have a toolbox of simple skills to unwind, have more moments of calm, and live confident, healthy and happy lives.

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Our Values



We cannot always rely on others to take care of our challenges, we must be capable of helping ourselves.



Every human is on their own journey, we cannot assume what other people are going through.



Humans are the most creative creatures on earth, creativity is how the world progresses.



Smile! We are not here forever. We should fill as many moments in our day with fun.

Our Hauora's History

It all started 10 years ago when Ella’s life went from breezy to a rollercoaster.


My Life Changed

Ben passes away and my life changes forever.                                


Finding Rock Bottom

After finishing my years at university I realised my lifestyle needed to change.


Teaching Journey Begins

I began my role at Paparoa Street School and inspired by Mindful Movers I started teaching mindfulness to tamariki.


Developing My Toolbox

I realised I had a toolbox of skills to support myself and tamariki I was teaching.


Our Hauora Was Born

With Christchurch needing mindfulness more than ever, especially for our children, Our Hauora was born in my last term of teaching.


Growing Our Hauora

Completed ‘Start Me Up’ business development course and Won 'Best Social Impact' award. We held our first 8 session well-being course with Annabel’s Educare Staff and a school holiday programme.

Our offices

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