3-week programme

Create your morning, create your life


Create your morning, create your life

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3 weeks
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A 3-week online programme to build daily rituals so that you can enjoy some more 'me' time, and learn tools to de-stress and manage your emotions. 

Are you… 

  • Struggling to prioritise time for yourself 
  • Experiencing stress regularly at work and/or home
  • Feeling frantic or overwhelmed 
  • Lacking energy and motivation 
  • Wanting to experience more positive thoughts


  • You have a simple morning ritual that allows you time to start your day right and get your mindset on track 
  • You have boundaries in place so that you can commit to these rituals and prioritise this time for yourself 
  • You feel more energised, calm, inspired and motivated! 

What You'll Gain

What will you get out of this programme?

  • Your very own morning routine that is designed by you, for you 
  • Explore and create powerful rituals to set you up for the day and your life 
  • Simple tools to regulate your emotions and stress, to slow down and calm your mind and body 
  • Support and accountability 
  • Experience more positive thoughts and find more joy in life 
  • Increased energy, motivation and confidence 
  • TWO bonuses… 

What does this programme include?

  • Introduction to short guided meditations and breath-work techniques 
  • Weekly morning rituals to explore, create and commit to 
  • External links for further exploring 
  • Lifetime access to all content and future updates 
  • Ongoing group messages for accountability and support 
  • 1-hour three group catch up calls (recorded) for inspiration, support and motivation

BONUS #1: ‘The art of a positive mind’ 5-minute journal by Our Hauora. 

- NEW and exclusive to people in this programme. A free journal to set intentions, practice gratitude and create new positive thought patterns.  

BONUS #2: Our Hauora app co-creation opportunity

A free opportunity to work alongside a group of people after the 3-week programme, to get your specific goals and use resources on our new OH app.

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Course Preview


Week 1: Exploring rituals 

Week 2: Creating your unique morning ritual

Week 3: Setting boundaries and committing to your morning ritual 


  • 40 minutes of weekly online coaching to complete in your own time 
  • 1-hour weekly group catch-up calls (recorded on Zoom) 
  • Commitment to 21 days of your unique morning ritual to create change

First group intake: Monday 8th August 2022

Monday or Wednesday 6:30 pm group calls recorded on Zoom - date/time TBC


3-week programme: $200  - payment plants available 

BONUS #1: journal $25

BONUS #2: app co-creation $200 

Valued at $425 

First-time offer for just $200 

On the fence? 

Send me a message or hop on a call with me and we can have a chat. 


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Create your morning, create your life

Book NoW
3 weeks
Payment plans available