The Calming Method

A 21 day challenge to find your inner calm again


A 21 day challenge to find your inner calm again

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Struggling with work-life balance? No time for yourself? Stressed?

Apply to join our 21-day challenge... How to cultivate calm without taking up more than 1% of your day. Only 15 minutes just for you.

Do you…

  • Struggle with work-life balance?
  • Find it hard to calm your racing mind?
  • Feel stressed and react easily?
  • Find it hard to make time for yourself?

Do you want to feel…

  • More energised
  • Calm and able to enjoy the 'here and now'
  • Less reactive, more responsive
  • Confident and positive
  • Grateful for what you do have in life

What You'll Gain

  • Simple, powerful, bite-sized mindfulness tools to take better care of you
  • A greater sense of calm
  • More confidence
  • A morning routine to get your mindset on track and set you up for the day
  • More time for you

This investment includes...

  • 3-week programme on our new OH app
  • Recourses for breath-work, meditation and journaling
  • Bite-sized mindfulness
  • Accountability and support in our community
  • A huge discount as a founding member
  • 5 added bonuses...

BONUS #1: Three weekly coaching calls for accountability and support

BONUS #2: 'The art of a positive mind' 5-minute daily journal for calming your mind, practising gratitude and creating new positive thought patterns

BONUS #3: Ongoing community support chat for support and motivation

BONUS #4: OH buddy - more support and accountability!

BONUS #5: Access to all future updates

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  • Commit to 1% of your day, 15 minutes of daily mindfulness experiences
  • 4x 1-hour weekly group catch-up calls 
  • 21-day challenge

Next group: 20th February

Tuesday 7 pm group calls (recorded on Zoom)


  • How much time will this take? This 3-week programme is for bite-size mindfulness. You won't spend more than 1% of your day, about 15 minutes every day for yourself. Time for you to learn some powerful life tools, slow down and enjoy mindful more moments.

Become a Mindful success story and allow yourself to invest in your health and well-being.

Curious or on the fence? 

Send me a message, fill out the application form and book a time to have a chat. 

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A 21 day challenge to find your inner calm again

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3 weeks
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