The Calming Method Online Workshop

An introduction to growing your inner calm


An introduction to growing your inner calm

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  • Join Ella Sidey and others for a one hour live session on Zoom
  • Bring a warm drink, something to write with and set aside this time for your own holistic well-being

This is for you if you want to...

  • Learn bite-size tools to help you slow down, support stress and unwind your mind
  • Enjoy more moments in life
  • Support work-life balance
  • Create your own routine that helps you to feel energised and balanced
  • Have more time for you!

What You'll Gain

This is a chance for you to...

  • Check-in on your well-being
  • Learn the benefits of mindfulness and how to practice easily
  • Understand why and how you can use daily rituals such as conscious breathing, journaling and meditation to enhance your day
  • Learn tools to relax and unwind
  • Gain insight into our powerful 3-week challenge - The Calming Method
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In this workshop you will...

  • Learn how mindfulness helped Ella on her journey
  • Check-in on your hauora/well-being
  • Explore mindfulness tools such as journaling, meditation and conscious breathing
  • Discover how you can find balance and grow your inner calm with bite-size mindfulness
  • Discover where to go next

If you want to see something different, you need to do something different

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An introduction to growing your inner calm

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1 hour
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