The Journey to Your Life Purpose

Feel clarity and control again

$600 - includes FIVE bonuses

Feel clarity and control again

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6 weeks
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Do you…

  • Struggle with work-life balance and finding time for yourself?
  • Feel like you don't have enough time for the things you enjoy?
  • Wait for the weekend?
  • Feel confused about the direction your life is going in?

Would you like to feel...

  • More energised and inspired to get up in the morning
  • Clear on the direction you're going in, your goals, strengths and passions
  • Fulfilled in your life and in what you're doing
  • Like you're getting the most out of life and heading towards your vision and ideal version of yourself

What You'll Gain

This is a deep dive into creating a vision and exploring your reason for being

This $600 investment includes...

  • A 3-week challenge on our Mindful app
  • A discount for our group intake in our app before it launches
  • Tools such as breathwork, meditation and journaling to gain more clarity
  • Accountability, motivation and support in our community
  • Three added bonuses...

BONUS #1: Six weekly group coaching calls for accountability and support (recorded)

BONUS #2: The Journey to Your Life Purpose. A quick start e-book to find your purpose with confidence

BONUS #3: App features - community support chat for support and motivation, tracking your goals and progress

BONUS #4: 6-week programme in your own time, use these bitesize resources anywhere anytime. An opportunity to sign up afterwards for our subscription or membership for ongoing accountability (free 7-day trial)

BONUS #5: 'The art of a positive mind' 5-minute daily journal creating new positive thought patterns, and setting sustainable and small daily goals

Be the boss of balance, take back control, and feel more inspired and motivated without starting from scratch.

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  • Meditations to calm the mind and go inwards
  • Exploring your strengths
  • Finding your purpose through the ikigai method
  • Discovering passions
  • Creating a vision boards
  • Future self visualisations
  • Three goals and actionable steps of how to get there

This is a deep dive into how you can live a more fulfilling and positive life - fill out our application form or email me if you're interested in starting 2023 with clarity and confidence.

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Book Now
$600 - includes FIVE bonuses

Feel clarity and control again

Book NoW
6 weeks
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