Workplace Well-being

Create a calm, confident and resilient workplace.

$68 per person

Create a calm, confident and resilient workplace.

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2x 40 minute sessions
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Workplace well-being workshops - Mental fitness, not just physical fitness 

In these 40-minute sessions, your team will discover how to take better care of themselves and the environment they work in. These sessions are more than just a presentation, they include simple, short, yet powerful techniques to help regulate stress, increase confidence and improve their resilience through the daily challenges they face.

This will not only create a more productive, enjoyable, balanced workplace but ensure that each person takes away a range of tools into their everyday life - both personally and professionally. Your people are your most important and influential part of creating a successful business, give them the tools to thrive.

This includes:

  • ‘Art of a positive mind’ journal 
  • 2 x 40-minute workplace well-being sessions 
  • Bonus: Resources and light snacks provided by Our Hauora

= $68 per person (incl GST)

What You'll Gain

  • Powerful yet simple skills to reduce stress, gain confidence, focus and boost positivity in your workplace 
  • Bite-sized mindfulness
  • A break from technology and unwind 
  • Caring for your workplace and their holistic well-being
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  • Our Hauora
  • What is mindfulness?
  • Nervous system - Red zone/Green Zone
  • Toolbox of skills - intro into simple yet powerful journaling, relaxation and breath-work techniques
  • Workplace challenges and desires
  • Mindset
  • The art of letting go
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"Great reminder how to be present. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn techniques. Loved learning how to breathe to calm myself in stressful situations."

Sarah, Learning People

"Our team needed some TLC and support around how to navigate their emotions in a high pressure role. The tools you have shown them are tools I believe they are going to take throughout their day."

Leaning people
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$68 per person

Create a calm, confident and resilient workplace.

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2x 40 minute sessions
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