How to create a morning ritual

How to create a morning ritual to set yourself up for the day…

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💭 choose how much time you have - even if this means getting up earlier it’s worth it when you see the benefits.

💭 start off with even 15 minutes, when you see the benefits you’ll want to build on to that.

💭 do something for your...

1. mind - journal, meditation

2. body - breath-work, exercise, stretch

3. soul - cup of tea, walk in nature, listen to music

Go slowly and mindfully, and set your day up right.

💭 can you stay off your phone for 20 minutes in the morning while you do these?

In this live video, I chat about breathwork, meditation, stretching and journaling.. moving circulation, calming your nervous system, living your day with an intention and purpose, clearing negative thoughts and getting your mindset on track so you can win the day.

Message me to chat about stretching, breath-work, meditation ideas 👌🏼 Check out our Instagram story highlight for more journal prompts, or google some that stand out to you.

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