How to create a vision board

Creating a vision board is a powerful and fun way of visualising things and manifesting them into your life.

What is a vision board?⁠
Visualisation tool of words, photos that represent your goals, dreams and desires. If you could wave a wand and have ANYTHING, knowing you cannot fail, what would it be? Be bold. ⁠

Benefits to making a vision board: ⁠
1. Get clear on your visions ⁠and let them manifest into your life
2. Positive mindset and motivation ⁠
3. Doing it for you, because you want to be the best version of yourself, not comparing yourself to others ⁠
3. Track your growth⁠

How can I make a vision board?⁠
Get creative! Paint, draw, collage, find photos on google, magazines or write words. There are vision board apps, or my favourite way is to get creative and print it out. ⁠

3 steps⁠ to using your vision board

1. Get clear - what do you want, be specific. What, when, how, why. ⁠
- Health and fitness, personal, values (who do you want to be- present, calm, grateful, fun, decisive, confident), romance, home, relationships, travel, work, business or projects. ⁠

2. Alignment - align your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Journal, meditate or talk about it.⁠
Manifestation is so powerful and it's connected to mindset - clear any limiting beliefs "I'm not a runner" "Money is hard to come by". Inner work must be done to have the out world reflect it - if you believe you are not worthy or that you can't do it, it won't happen. ⁠Journaling and meditating is a great tool for this.

⁠What actions can you take for this goal? Put the energy out there, post on pages, chat to people, add habits into your rituals, get resources, research.⁠⁠

"Your thoughts become your reality" ⁠

What you think creates words, habits, values and then is your life. Believe in yourself and you will attract your goals. ⁠
4. Feel it - sit with it daily and feel it as-though it has already happened. Set a reminder on your phone, have a few minutes without distractions, play some music, take some deep breaths, believe in yourself and visualise. Visualise these things as-though they have already happened - this is manifestation. The more you visualise, the more you will manifest into your life.

Tag us or send us photos if you make one.. Happy manifesting!