Top 10 gift ideas for women's wellness

Are you looking for a special gift for one of the amazing women in your life? A friend, wife, partner or Mum. There are so many ways we can show thanks and gratitude for our beautiful women by doing something that will make them feel loved and appreciated with thought behind it. With our health and wellness being so important to living a long and fulfilling life, then there can be no better gift than one that will enhance their health, make them glow or just help them feel great about themselves.

Here are our top 10 gift idea's for women's wellness

  1. Body Bloom - Inner Health and Beauty powder
  2. The Art of a Positive Mind - Five minute a day gratitude journal
  3. Indoor, outdoor plants or Flora Grow products
  4. OH App (pre-launch) subscription - Guided meditation's, breathwork, recipes, courses and more
  5. Kōaka range - Hydrating and healing organic NZ hemp skincare
  6. NZ handmade jewellery - Capellia
  7. 3 Day Summer Cleanse - Green Roots Juicery
  8. Conscious furniture revival - Bring back to life an old bit of furniture
  9. Raw and Free - Plant Based recipe book
  10. 1.4L Yeti Water Bottle

So don't spend any more time searching around, if you want a gift for that special women (or even yourself) then here are some idea's that will take care of whoever is receiving them.

Message us for more ideas, or check out some of these links!