Why did I create Living Mindfully - 10 week well-being course?

To help my community make their wellness a priority, rather than an afterthought 💭⁠

Our 10-week Living Mindfully online course was created this year after finishing 2021 on a high. ⁠

This course was created because of the conversations and experiences I was having with many of those around me, who were worn down, tired of thinking they could not put time towards themselves and their goals. ⁠

I spent four months teaching mindfulness and well-being to preschool staff around Canterbury. In November last year, I also held a workshop in Christchurch, and the feedback was astonishing. So many had little to no daily practices or rituals that put themselves first. ⁠

After having some powerful, incredible feedback from people being more mindful, more present and enjoying more moments in their life, setting and achieving goals, sleeping better and dropping their medications going down to half an anxiety pill - I was inspired to get this as far and wide as possible, to share the benefits of actually taking care of yourself, and how this can enhance your own life but also those around you. ⁠

Our online platform for the 10-week course is filled with videos and recordings, and external links that will be life-changing for people, as they make time and effort for themselves, to discover more about who they are and what they want to implement into their lives.⁠

Why ten weeks?⁠
Studies show how people who write down and express gratitude are more optimistic about life, it changes your life, yet it can be so simple. So this 10-week course is designed to create new habits, new ways of thinking, feeling and doing through neuroplasticity (the brain's ability to adapt) ⁠

Ten powerful weeks to create change. ⁠

Keen to join our first group intake? ⁠

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