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Join this 10-week online course to help you become the human being you know you can be.

Care for your mind and body. Be you, do you, for you.

Does this sound like you?

  • It’s a busy world we live in and I never get time for myself 
  • I want to add some more rituals to my life to enhance my days
  • I struggle to wind down for the day, often in fight-flight mode, worrying, anxious or flustered 
  • I find it hard to control my emotions and often react 
  • I want to make new goals to get to my vision 
  • I’m in a negative spiral - negative thoughts, overthinking and worrying, holds me back from living in the present moment (right here, right now)
  • I want to make consistent exercise or food choices to support my mind and body 
  • Some relationships around me are challenging 

Now imagine...

  • You have tools to regulate your emotions and stress, to slow down your mind and your body
  • You explore and create powerful rituals to set you up for the day and your life
  • You live your life with purpose, a vision and have goals to get there
  • You have a better relationship with yourself and others around you

.. you are more confident, resilient, grateful, happy, calm, focused, energised and have more FUN in life.

What does this course include?

  • Weekly 60-minute group calls 
  • Weekly self-development programme online 
  • Recordings and video training 
  • Guided meditation, yoga and breath-work videos 
  • External resources to explore 
  • Ongoing messages and motivation
  • Weekly accountability and support

First group intake: 21/3/22 or 22/3/22 (depending on numbers) 

Monday or Tuesday 6:30 pm group calls on Zoom (time TBC)

Calls recorded weekly

Investment in yourself: $800 (payments plans available) 

Pay in full: $700 ($100 off) for 24 HOURS! Use code: wellnessworkshop

Every session has a different theme/focus where you will have videos, recordings and notes to complete in your own time:

Week 1 - Welcome Week 

Week 2- Intro to Mindfulness

Week 3 - Mindful Mindset 

Week 4 -  Purpose and vision

Week 5 - Exploring Rituals

Week 6 - Creating Rituals

Integration Week - chat up, extra 1-1 support 

Week 7 - Nourishing

Week 8 - Real Relationships 

Week 9 - Contribution and community 

Week 10 - Completion and Celebration

On the fence? Send me a message and we can hop on a call to connect and see if this is a good fit for you.

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Next group intake - coming soon

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10 weeks
Payment plans available