Living Balanced

Eight sessions developing a toolbox for your team to manage stress at work and throughout their lives.

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8 Sessions
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We go to the dentist if our teeth need fixing, we go to the doctor if we are sick, what do we do when our mind is overwhelmed? It’s the most important part of our body.

Over these eight sessions you will learn how to care for and balance the four dimensions of your well-being so that you can feel calm, inspired and powerful.

Frontiers Media conducted a study to assess how mindfulness training affects the workplace environment. The results showed the training was very effective in reducing burnout, reducing perceived stress and improving wellbeing.

This eight session programme is designed to teach individuals, groups of people and/or workplaces the fundamentals of Our Hauora- how to support the four dimensions of well-being so they are in balance. This in depth programme ensures adults will come away with their own simple toolbox of skills that they can use at work or at home. It is a ripple effect and will have an impact on everyone around them.

You will learn how to:

  • How your brain works and how we can calm our nervous system
  • Rewire thoughts and create positive pathways in the brain
  • Use the power of breath to manage anxiety, relieve stress and improve sleep
  • Care for your hauora well-being
  • Calm a racing mind from thoughts and worries
  • Gain energy so you can thrive
  • Create habits, daily rituals and self care
  • Live with a vision, mission and purpose
  • Be right here and now - enjoy the present moment

We can often get stuck in negative thought or behaviour patterns, during these sessions we take back the power of your mind and your body. Your will learn some simple and powerful tools to interrupt negative pathways that are holding them back. Through neuroplasticity, you have the power to create change in any aspect of your life both at home and at work.

You will learn how to create new neural pathways in the brain to rewire new ways of thinking, feeling or doing - to create positive pathways and bring their nervous system to its optimal state where they can problem solve, handle situations better, be creative and calm.

"Just because no one else can heal, or do your inner work for you, doesn’t mean you can, should, or need to do it alone" - Lisa Olivera

These sessions can be tailored to suit your group, we look at each dimension of our well- being - hauora. Locations and times are to be arranged.

Session 1- Ella’s story and Te Whare Tapa Whā

The four dimensions of hauora/well-being. What do you want to get out of this to support your hauora?

Session 2 - Mental/Emotional Wellbeing

What is mindfulness, why mindfulness now, how our brain works- Parasympathetic & Sympathetic nervous system, the power of the breath.

Session 3- Mental/Emotional Wellbeing

Neuroplasticity- creating positive thought patterns and our mind body connection. Breaking limiting beliefs and inner self talk.

Session 4- Spiritual

Values, mission, vision and purpose.

Session 5 - Physical

Different stresses on the body, rituals, sleep and movement.

Session 6- Physical

Importance of water, gut/brain connection, nutrition and mindful eating.

Session 7- Social

Three levels of listening, checking in, M.A.T.E.S and kindness.

Session 8 - Resources

Resources for at work or home.

These sessions can be for individuals, groups or workplaces.

How your workplace will benefit:

  • Tools to support anxiety, depression, lack of sleep and calm minds
  • More positivity in the workplace
  • Staff in the practising being in the present moment
  • Kindness to self and others
  • How to activate your parasympathetic nervous system aka your calming system
  • How to break limiting beliefs to gain control of your life
  • Honest communication
  • Supporting work life satisfaction

This includes:

  • Resources and handouts
  • Gratitude journals for up to 15 people
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"I can totally vouch for Ella and her passion first-hand. Ella has been delivering some amazing sessions to our teams who are totally engaged by her honest/open approach to well-being and mindfulness. Many have said ‘it has come just at the right time for them’, we have engaged Ella for 8 personalised sessions throughout the rest of the year as part of our strategic planning for all our centres."

Annabel Sloss, Annabel's Educare

"Ella, I have never done mindfulness meditation and am someone who ‘doesn’t have time’ for wellness, but also am aware of the impacts of stress and would love some more ways to reduce it. I am super busy which is my excuse for my poor diet, sleep and exercise."

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Simply click book now and contact us to book your wellbeing course.

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8 Sessions
At your workplace
Up to 15 people