Ella Sidey

Primary Teacher Trained


Ella Sidey

After teaching in Primary Schools in Christchurch for four years, Ella grew a passion for teaching mindfulness to children. She left teaching in schools in 2020, after everything Christchurch has been through and in the middle of a pandemic, to teach children how to care for their well-being.

Ella studied in Otago and is a four generation teacher.

It is her vision to create a world where people are caring for their hauora so that they can thrive and simply enjoy life. Ella's mission is to teach people their own unique toolbox of skills that they can use for their everyday life. She wants people to be able to care for their hauora throughout their life long journey to enable them to live happy and healthy lives.

Apart from guiding and teaching mindfulness, Ella loves to cook, explore nature, catch up with friends and garden!

Ella Sidey


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