Growing calm minds

We all have the power to create our own natural state of health and wellbeing - it’s about mental fitness, not just physical fitness

Why Is Teaching Hauora Important?

Through mindfulness and neuroplasticity (our brain's ability to change), we all have the ability to change our thought patterns, decrease anxiety and release our dependence on food for comfort and happiness. When we practice mindfulness, we are calm and present without distraction as we move through our day. Each action or activity is done with attention and purpose.


Of adults and 1/10 children are obese in NZ


Youth suicide rate in the developed world


Workers in NZ are experiencing burnout

What our clients say about us

"A must for all workplaces, starting with management first.  Thank you Ella for putting your heart and soul into helping people learn the invaluable tools and techniques of coping with day to day stresses, healthy gut and their holistic well-being."

Annabel Sloss, Annabel's Educare
Living Balanced

“I love how Hauora Heroes is teaching us how to get out of our red brain and into our green brain so that we have a happier life”

Hauora Heroes School Holiday Programme

"Ella, I have never done mindfulness meditation and am someone who ‘doesn’t have time’ for wellness, but also am aware of the impacts of stress and would love some more ways to reduce it. I am super busy which is my excuse for my poor diet, sleep and exercise"

Workplace Well-Being Programme

"I can totally vouch for Ella and her passion first-hand. Ella has been delivering some amazing sessions to our teams who are totally engaged by her honest/open approach to well-being and mindfulness. Many have said ‘it has come just at the right time for them’, we have engaged Ella for 8 personalised  sessions throughout the rest of the year as part of our strategic planning for all our centres."

Annabel Sloss
Annabel's Educare

"I find that I’m walking more mindfully.. Actually opening my eyes and looking at the beauty"


I loving being a Hauora Hero because it teaches me how to deal with things, and I have learnt so much with tummy breathing and yoga. It has been really fun.

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