Living Mindfull - 10 week online well-being course

Are you ready for real change?⁠⁠

If you want things to see change, you need to do something different. Something for you each day.⁠⁠

You are worth it.

⁠⁠If you want to learn how to make simple practices and rituals part of your day, practices that will support you daily in your mind & body, then this course is for you.⁠⁠

With so much excitement, I introduce to you...⁠⁠

Living Mindfully - a 10-week online course designed to optimise your potential. ⁠⁠⁠

Does this sound like you?

  • It’s a busy world we live in, and I never get time for myself 
  • I want to add some more rituals to my life to enhance my days
  • I struggle to wind down for the day, often in fight-flight mode, worrying, anxious or flustered 
  • I find it hard to control my emotions and often react 
  • I want to make new goals to get to my vision 
  • I’m in a negative spiral - negative thoughts, overthinking and worrying, holds me back from living in the present moment (right here, right now)
  • I want to make consistent exercise or food choices to support my mind and body
  • Some relationships around me are challenging 

What will I get out of this course?

  • Live your life with purpose, a vision and have goals to get there
  • Tools to regulate your emotions and stress, to slow down your mind and your body
  • Explore and create powerful rituals to set you up for the day and your life
  • A better relationship with yourself and others around you
  • More confidence, resilience, happiness, sense of calm, focused, energised and the ability to have more FUN

What does this course include?

  • Lifetime access to all future upgrades
  • Weekly 60-minute group calls (recorded) 
  • Weekly self-development programme online 
  • Recordings and video training 
  • Guided meditation, yoga and breath-work videos 
  • External resources to explore 
  • Ongoing messages and motivation
  • Weekly accountability and support 


Tuesday 6:30pm group calls on Zoom (recorded)

Every session has a different theme/focus where you will have videos, meditations and notes to complete in your own time.

10 weeks to optimise your potential:

Week 1 - Welcome Week 

Week 2- Intro to Mindfulness

Week 3 -  Purpose and vision

Week 4 -  Mindful Mindset

Week 5 - Exploring Rituals

Week 6 - Creating Rituals

Integration Week - chat up, extra 1-1 support 

Week 7 - Nourishing

Week 8 - Real Relationships 

Week 9 - Contribution and community 

Week 10 - Completion and Celebration

First group intake 21st or 22nd March 💥

⁠⁠This work can be done in your own time, with weekly group check-ins (recorded) for accountability, motivation and inspiration.⁠⁠

Head to our website to find out more information. Payment plans are available for $50 a week.

⁠On the fence?⁠ Curious and interested, but something is holding you back? ⁠

Email and we can arrange a time to chat and see if this course would benefit you.⁠